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March 2, 2013
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Orange-Earth APP: Lydia by Moonlit-Pond Orange-Earth APP: Lydia by Moonlit-Pond
Name: Lydia

Nickname: Songbird or Lyd

Kit name: Melody

Gender: Female

Age: 2 Cycles

Breed: Turkish Angora mixed Domestic Shorthair

Accessorie(s): None


Tribe: Earth

Ability: Secondary

Apprentice: None

Skills { Move a rock! | Pushing Boulders 1| Pushing Boulders 2 | Picking on me? | Pushing Boulders 3 | Cracking Wood | Cracking Stone

Lydia grew up a fairly normal life, to two loving parents and a nice and cozy place to sleep and waste the endless days away.
Her parents, along with many others, were originally sent into exile; few cats moved out west where the land was supposedly lusher. Their names were Connor and Rose and they were only a new couple when they were forced to move. They both had previous mates before meeting each-other, but unfortunately they died from natural causes.

The two had never had any experience in raising kits; the realization only hit them once Rose had gotten pregnant for the first time in her life. The topic never crossed their minds about how life outside the tribes would be once they had their kits. The couple was, to put simply, a bit naive about these kinds of things.

After a few months -- which felt like an eternity-- three little healthy kittens were born. Stiles, the eldest of the three, Shayne, the youngest, and little Melody, who was which every child hates being -- the middle one. Life wasn't always easy growing up for this little family. With the fear of dangerous and rampant snow storms that brewed about during the winter, there was almost always something dreadful to be anticipated. Although the region was more abundant in the summer compared to the areas assigned in exile, surviving still proved to be a somewhat of a struggle. Surprisingly, they managed to make it through the roughest and toughest of times all while sticking together.

Later on in her adolescent years, Melody found out the marks on her shoulder weren't just some ordinary fur pattern, they were tattoos-- and not just any normal tattoos, at that. They were tattoos that symbolized the strong cats of Earth-Tribe.

On a bright summer day, news about the Tribes letting the exiles come back spread through the territory like a wild fire. Melody knew in her heart that this was the only chance she could have to do something successful in life. She knew that if she went back she would have to abandon her family back home; but her normal, everyday routine just wasn't cut out for her. If she left her parents, wouldn't ever forgive her for leaving -- but if she stayed behind, she would continue to wonder what her purpose was in life.

After quietly debating on whether or not to stay in exile, Melody decided to go back to the tribes. On one stormy night, she fled from home, leaving her parents and siblings behind to seek out for a better life for herself.

Sometimes she wishes she could go back and tell them where she went, but she knew turning back would only cause more heartbreak on both ends. It took many restless days for Melody to finally find the tribes. Her paws were blistered from all the walking and her eyes were bloodshot from the extensive journey.

As she was treading through the undergrowth of the area for the first time, the scent of other cats filled her nostrils causing her eyes to widen.
The Tribes, she found them. With the rest of her energy stored up, she started to pad forward, stepping into a new life.
A new life in Earth-Tribe.


:bulletyellow: Trust/ Loyalty

:bulletorange: Crush/ Attraction

:bulletpink: Love/ Mate

:bulletblue: Bestfriend

:bulletgreen: Friend/ Close Friend

:bulletblack: Uncertainty

:bulletwhite: Dead/ Missing

:bulletred: Hate/ Dislike/ Loathe


Mother: Rose

Father: Connor

Brothers: Stiles, Shayne

Sisters: None.

Uncles: Luke (Missing)

Aunts: Sadia (deceased)

Cousins: Unknown

|Motherly| |Sensitive| |Clever| |Indecisive| |Reasonable| | Secretive

:bulletgreen: Motherly:

"I would rather die than hurt a kit." Every mother knows this line very well. With her natural loving nature to protect and care for someone like a kit, it could lead to a downfall during the heart of a battle. She would refuse to fight a young apprentice, no matter what Tribe they are from. With that being said, Lydia is a little over possessive of the people she hangs around with. Matter of fact, some might find it a bit annoying when she starts to show up more and more each time because of the way she 'babies' them too much.


The littlest things can set this cat off, like they say, don't mess with the mama bear. She may hold an appearance of someone build out f steel and full of confidence, but in reality, she’s nothing but a big softy. The latest comment can either make her flustered or angered. She takes things to the heart, although she doesn't show it very much. She tends to keep this side of her hidden to the public by putting on an act of being a confident cat. Being sensitive can also be a good thing for her as well. For example, being sensitive allows her to be able to be opened-minded unlike others. She uses her sensitivity for good things as well such as showing sympathy and compassion for others, even when they don’t deserve it.


Don’t let her looks fool you, she may look like shes all beauty and no brains, but she is actually a smart little whip. If you ever need help with something Lydia is the one to call for. Although she may not be best in combat, she is good in creating a strategy. Sometimes her cleverness can lead her in the wrong directions. 'Too smart for their on good’ Is a quote that describes her very well. Being clever can also make her come off argumentative and a bit arrogant. She doesn't tend to make an argument on purpose, it just comes out that way by accident, and most of the times she doesn't even really notice it.


Never let this she-cat decide for big things. With the constant back and forth internal battle with her heart and her mind, she is unable to make decisions quickly and effectively which could either bitter or sweet. Hesitation is her downfall in battle. Her minds tells her to attack but her heart tells her otherwise. It's an internal battle that she was never to overcome every since she was younger.

:bulletgreen: Reasonable:

After she loses trust with someone, it is very hard for her to gain that strong bond that once were back again. Although it takes her awhile to make decisions, once she makes one, it's down for the books. She believes that rules are not meant to be broken by a certain extent. She tends to be opened-minded about most situations. Unlike other cats who would put others right on the spot, she listens to both sides of the story before coming to a conclusion. Although it may take awhile for her decision to be final, once she agrees with one side, she'll go down with it.


One thing Lydia was never able to shake off of her was opening up more to others. She tends to keep many things to herself even if it's not something someone would think isn't personal. She talks all the time, but she really doesn't say anything. Sometimes she could use this trait as an advantage for the most part because it allows her to keep her personal business out of the conversations but also, it keeps her from letting others take advantage of her. On the downfall of this trait, it causes her to appear untrustworthy for the most part which could ruin her reputation in the tribes.


-She loves the smell of sweet things, it reminds her of her home back in exile with her mother.

-Besides being compassionate and lovingly, she wouldn't mind snapping at someone for hurting someone that she loves/cares for.

-She bit of a hopeless romantic, she loves the idea of having her own family one day.

♫ Playlist ♫

Skyfall- Adele
Titanium- David Guetta Ft. Sia
Parachute- Cheryl Cole
Heartlines- Florence + The Machine
Secrets- OneRepublic
Don’t Panic-Coldplay
Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield


Height: 5’8
Age: Around 24
Hair Color: Ginger!
Hair Type: Pretty much straight with a few waves here and there;
Eye Color: Light Green
Accesorie(s): A pocket watch with weird writing engraved on it.

Roleplay Example:

The winter morning in the territory was at peace. From on up high, thin rays of gold were beginning to peek down onto the earth below, illuminating the fresh blanket of snow that had fallen overnight. Its white surfaced glistened under the sun, the twinkling of the flakes reminiscent of stars against a night sky. Under a particularly large tree, a small nest crafted out of moss lay, its inhabitant in a deep slumber. Kenieen. The cat's albescent fur almost made him blend into the surrounding layers of snow, his body engorged in nothing but that single, pure color. Moments passed, and from the gray sky above, small flakes began to descend, lightly dusting the treetops and branches beneath. A small wind blew past the area, causing the white specks to drift out and about, seemingly dancing to the harmonious sounds of nature. Down they flew, twirling and wisping through leaves, eventually reaching where that one, large tree stood. The small flurry of tiny snow dancers quickly settled down onto any surface they could reach. A stray flake, which happened to sink down lower than the others, landed itself on a small, black nose.

Kenieen, in his slumber, felt a slight chill touching his body. He gave his nose a twitch, and though his sight would remain the same as if he were asleep, the cat slowly opened his eyelids, sensing the warmth on his face from the emerging sun above. Slowly, Kenieen stretched his arms out in front of him, his mouthing opening to let out a yawn as he stretched his rested limbs. In the far distance, a few birds flew around and chirped their daily song, Kenieen's ears flickering as he recognized the familiar sounds. Turning his head left and right, the Healer, judging by the of the strength of the sun's warmth on his fur, determined that it was around the time that he should be waking. Perfect.

Shaking himself from the small layer of snow that had settled itself on his back, Kenieen began to pace the area, when the familiar scents of various herbs wafted over to and filled his scent glands. Given that he lacked the sense of sight, the aromas he inhaled were powerful and almost overwhelming. The Healer screwed his nose up, immediately heading in the direction from whence the scents came. Before he could arrive at his destination, however, the cat heard a voice that sounded not too far away yell out his name.
"Kenieen!" It was one of the tribe members, calling him to alert his attention. "I, er .. I have another bruise! Could you please help me out ... ?" The voice got closer, and judging by how close, Kenieen figured that the other cat was standing right next to him.
He exhaled a breath. "This is the third time this week that this has happened", he replied in a monotonous voice to the now familiar cat, who for some inexplicable reason kept getting injured. "How in the world do you keep ge-- ... nevermind. Consider yourself lucky that there are new herbs in stock." With a flick of his tail, he padded over to where he sniffed out the herbs, murmuring the names of them under his breath. 'Which one was it ...?' , he thought to himself. 'Ah. Right. Witch-Hazel.'

Finally snuffing out the proper plant, he bent to pick up the Witch-Hazel with his mouth, returning to the direction from where he walked from, and once more sensed the cat nearby. "Take this." He muffled through the twig he was holding the plant by. He placed the plant down, scooting it over to the tribe member with a swoop of his tail. Just as he was about to lift his head back up, he heard the voice of yet another cat close by, complaining about a leg pain that wouldn't go away. Kenieen heaved a heavy sigh and closed his eyes.
He could tell that this was going to be a long, long day.
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Timebleeder Jun 25, 2013  Student Writer

I just want to art like you. 
Moonlit-Pond Jun 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
But I don't even have a style. ;A;
Timebleeder Jun 25, 2013  Student Writer
Yes you do - it's called pretty. S

StormiDay Jun 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Lyd, why are you so pretty? ;u;
Moonlit-Pond Jun 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lydia- :iconblushplz:
Tzurai Jun 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Her tattoo looks a bit yellow ;-;
Moonlit-Pond Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It does? ;;
Tzurai Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes ;-; Probably in contrast to her fur color.
Moonlit-Pond Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
/Cries hysterically

 /Dramatically throws tablet out window


I'm redoing her app right now actually ouo
Tzurai Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

That icon scares me so much actually
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